Picking a decent nail polish is a science. A comparatively simple science, the type most people prefer.  Women wear nail varnish to boost how they feel about themselves, to decorate up, to match an outfit but did you recognize that it’s also useful to cover the dirt that gets under your nails? as during the day especially when your out at a vital function you would not want the dirt showing and also the polish hides it. Nail polish also protects the nails from the dust and tear of the environment.


There are an endless amount of nail brands or manufacturers that you will come across buying the required product.  These Include OPI, China Glaze, Rimmel, Essie, Maybelline, Sally Hansen, Rossi Nails and others. You can purchase most of those brands, at salons. There’s one from New York Color  I actually like, It’s mainly purple with silver glitter, really just a jumble of a jillion colors, and it’s very wintery, though it is suitable for fall as well and can be a perfect fit for spring and summer. 


It is some way of expressing our individual personalities. Plus, it makes us feel sexy. I actually like China Glaze a little bit more than O.P.I because they appear to last longer without beginning to look bad and also the colors are just so rich. However, O.P.I have more colors to decide on from so if you are looking for that, than O.P.I is the choice for you. It depends on how much you want to pay. Walmart’s Pure ice is amazing for $3.


Clean the surface where you want to get your nail polish done and get rid of any trace of dust particles, old enamel, and moisture which can make adhesion hard for the new nail polish. Make sure your nails are clean and dry because applying oil or residue on nails makes it tougher for the polish to stick to the nail.


Base coats may help extend wear but do less than a very good top coat will, and most topcoats that advertise and really quick drying also will be the toughest, and resist chipping best, so carefully apply two Coats of your chosen color, waiting for the first to dry before applying the second, if you put thick layers on that Is more likely to chip so keep on with two thin coats. Make sure each layer dries first.


A lot of brands tend to last longer and include many famous brand names like OPI, Nicole, Sally Hansen, Mary Kay, China Glaza, Avon and many others as well. The cheaper ones peel off, but a vital thing to understand is that polish will never last as long on natural nails because it does on artificial nails. This is because your nails will secrete different types of oils that create moisture that eventually loosens the polish. You will have to purchase additional products if you do not currently own them.


Then apply your final topcoat if you think you need extra sealing or shine. A top coat will make the polish better and make it shiny and gorgeous looking. Apply oil to your nails and cuticles few times a week so your nails won’t dry out which usually results in chipped polish.