What Will the Web Design Mark in 2017?

The Internet evolves constantly: what one day is trend to the other is already outdated. Web design is no stranger to this phenomenon. That is why it is essential to be at the forefront and know what will mark the guideline in 2017:

A good design is crucial to attract customer attention

According to recent studies, users judge the website in just 50 milliseconds, time when one in five visitors leaves the website without giving it a second chance.

The first thing to keep in mind is that web design is not an “art” itself. Art expresses feelings, raises questions, provokes emotions. By contrast, design helps people find answers, take action, or complete a task. All the elements of the web design, from the images to the browsing through the content, must respond to a common purpose.

If you are redesigning an outdated website you have to start with a clearout (content audit), focusing on what is important, thinking about the needs of the customer. If you are building a Web site from scratch you have to consider wireframes (Layout page or screen plane), Sitemaps and main contents as a starting point. Clarity should be given priority.

Mobile design is capital

That a web works on mobile devices is no longer an option. There is a more than significant fact that supports this statement: In 2016 users navigated more from mobile devices than from computers.

It is not a question of making any kind of workaround for the web to be seen correctly, it is necessary to ensure that it is fully operational and that it offers all its functions. Google is rewarding all the sites that are Mobile-friendly.

Own images

The primary rule when choosing images for the web is that they have to be relevant and their own. Do not take pictures from other websites or use basic images that do not represent the company. They must also answer a number of questions:

Are the images appropriate and useful for the purpose pursued?
Do they tell a credible story that attracts prospective customers?

Importance of Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what can not be counted on a video? The Web page should include videos about the brand or the company, about the services, the products…


Humans can have between 5 and 9 elements in their short-term memory. That’s why, for a long time, web developers and designers strived for a maximum of seven menu items (7 ± 2) in website browsing. But that’s changing. The number of navigation items in the main menu visible is being reduced to the absolute minimum. PayPal, for example, has only three elements visible in your primary browsing.

Speed of loading

No one likes to have to wait for the slow loading of a website. Visits can increase by up to 5% for every second less of the load that is obtained, according to the data extracted from the Financial Times.

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