Web Design Guidelines

Nowadays designing a website is a skill that we have to dominate. Although we have no idea about graphic design, knowing how to create a minimally  presentable Web page is essential for anyone who circulates in the network.

Why is web design so important? An attractive web design will allow us to have more visitors and a better web positioning.

How to get a web page design? Well, basically, you have to try, try and try: Be wrong, be curious and take advantage of the network to see examples of good designs.

Unfortunately not all of us have the time to discover these secrets so let’s try to give some guidelines or advice to follow all good web design.

  • Make it all simpler: that is to say, avoid unnecessary multimedia elements, as well as elements in flash or pop-ups. A good web development contains the right elements and necessary to make an attractive and dynamic site. The excess causes the navigation to hinder.
  • Organization: It is necessary to sort the contents clearly and optimize the web for its correct visualization. The ideal is to configure it for a screen of 1024 √ó 768 pixels which is one of the resolutions most used in computer equipment. It is not recommended to design pages that are late to load.
  • Use graphics and colors: lines, vector shapes and flat color is perfect with the web.
  • Explanatory graphics load much faster than photos or high-resolution images.
    The main menu is essential. It should appear on every page of our website to allow access to any of the sections of the Web. It’s the thread for the user.
  • Web design must be tested in several browsers to verify its correct operation because sometimes browser plugins such as Internet Explorer can cause visualization problems.

In short, this series of tips, tricks, or basic “laws” can be of great value to us when designing our website successfully.

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