How Should Children Use Social Networks?

The use of mobile applications and social networks grows every day among the child population, increasing in turn the concern of the parents on the non-abusive use of these technologies. It should be taken into account that children at an early age are very vulnerable and do not have the personality completely formed so you have to take special care to inform them about the proper use of social networks and the Internet.

The National Institute of Communication Technologies, Inteco, through the Office of Internet Security (OSI) and the minor portal Osi has edited a guide in which it warns: “It is not too much to bring up the reflection on whether the fathers and mothers of the natives D Igitales possess sufficient knowledge and tools to provide their children with strong guidelines for responsible online behavior. ”

This is the reason that has led us to write this article with some basic guidelines aimed at parents as an aid in the education of their children regarding the use of social networks and the Internet. It is essential to make them understand that in social networks they must have the same care they have in their daily lives and that, although these media seem unimportant, improper use can leave indelible traces in their lives.

When we tell the little ones not to talk to strangers on the street, which all parents have crushed by active and passive, when talking about internet and social networks we must keep the same message: “Do not accept invitations from users who do not know of anything or their profiles are not familiar ”

Protecting privacy and caring for personal information is another tip that children need to know from the first day they surf the Internet. The same thing they do not open the door of home to anyone who calls or do not tell the private things to strangers is translated in the same way in the technologies.

Special attention to what they publish in their profiles, especially photos, which can be shared and used for unnoble purposes. In turn, they must be careful with what they share from others, especially if they do not have their consent or may be some material committed.

Social networks do not endorse impunity and the fact that you are behind a computer screen does not mean that you are invisible to the law. If someone incites you to commit a foul, you should immediately notify a person in your environment so that you can help.

These little tips can help children with the use of new technologies and it is not a question of panicking in social networks but of learning to get all the good they have and know as soon as possible to discard all the bad.

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