Get to Know Everything New from YouTube

There are many changes and novelties that YouTube has presented in recent months. The social network of visual content does not stop surprising the users with many novelties that are surprising to all the followers of this network.

Let’s talk about some of the most significant we have observed.

First of all YouTube has launched a music library that allows to add background sounds to the audiovisual material.
This tool is intended for all video creators to make it more interesting to YouTube.

Some 150 tracks are available in MP3 format that can be downloaded freely by users to insert in the videos that upload to YouTube and any other audiovisual production. Using the functions of the video Manager you can consult all the options available according to the duration time, the genre that is needed for the production and ranging from the most classic to rock themes and also by type of instrument.

Now is the time to unleash your creativity and show the world everything you can do with very few resources.

Another of the novelties that has changed in YouTube is the system of comments that tries to reduce the spam and to avoid those unlucky comments in the videos.

In the Google blog you can see everything related to this topic and the most interesting is the bet on Google + to give relevance to the comments published in the videos.

From now until the end of the year this system will be complemented with other novelties so that the comments are converted into conversations that interest and are useful for the users of YouTube.

The last thing we will see this year in YouTube improvements is the possibility to view the videos offline. The company has announced an update of its application for Android so that users of the network can save videos on their mobiles for a few days and be able to view them at any time without Internet connection. As we all know it goes against the rules downloading videos but with this YouTube update has taken a remarkable step that is riding between total prohibition and absolute permissiveness. You can have the videos on your device as a temporary “download”.
Something’s something, isn’t it? As YouTube has communicated to us very possibly this function is available to be used from next November.

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